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Voice Over Your Phone
by Control Space BV


Welcome to VOYP, the voice-powered app that makes it easy for you to make appointments and reservations. With VOYP, you can simply speak or type your request into your phone and your intelligent assistant, powered by Artificial Intelligence, will take care of the rest. Whether you need to book a hotel room, schedule a doctor's appointment, reserve a table at your favourite restaurant, or make a funny prank call to your friends, VOYP has got you covered.

Helpful for accessibility. For those with speech impairments, social anxiety or other conditions that make phone calls challenging, VOYP provides independence and convenience.

You can access Voyp through Web, Android, iPhone or ChatGPT

Voyp Demo


Check out a demo of Voyp call +1 (628) 207-4103


Unlimited Calls

The subscription plan allows unlimited calls to selected locations around the world


You can select a variety of languages and voices to suit your style

AI & Cloud

Powered by the latest LLMs and generative AI and the latest cloud frameworks currently available


You can give Voyp access to your calendar and it will automatically add events and check your schedule

How It Works

Voyp's intelligent assistant can handle everything from making appointments to booking reservations, all with the ease of simple voice commands. User's with a subscription have access to the Context Assistant - that allows the user to provide more detail context to the calls - and the Copilot feature - that asks the user for details when the AI Assistant doesn't know how to proceed with the call



Select the number that you want to call
choose from contacts or type the number


Give the assistant the context of the call
Be specific, avoid saying "Make a table reservation" and say instead:
"Make a table reservation for 5 people, tonight at 8pm and make sure it has wheelchair access" 



The assistant will make the call to the selected number and will engage with the person on the other side of the line like a human assistant would

Voyp Video

Voyp Explainer Video


  • Limited Calls (1 min. max)
  • Multiple Languages
  • 1 Voice

  • *Free tier may not available is some regions


Per month

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Multiple Languages
  • Many Voices
  • Copilot + Context Assistant

  • *Price may vary between regions


Per year

  • Unlimited Calls
  • Multiple Languages
  • Many Voices
  • Copilot + Context Assistant

  • *Price may vary between regions

Watch Review

Voyp Featured on HowToMen Youtube Channel

Voyp Review

Facundo Holzmeister, a prominent YouTube reviewer, has recently published a fantastic review of our mobile app, VOYP - Voice Over Your Phone. We are grateful for his thorough evaluation and positive feedback, and we couldn't be happier to have his support.

In his insightful review, Facundo Holzmeister highlighted the remarkable capabilities of VOYP, which utilizes the power of Language Model and generative AI to serve as your personal call assistant.

Data Request or Deletion

You can delete your account from the app
If you wish to access your data or have your data deleted from Voyp you cal also send an email to voypapp@gmail.com

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